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Balti Spoon is a wood industry company producing natural wood veneers of beautiful colours and patterns. Many homes, offices, schools, and concert halls feature decorative pieces of furniture, floors, or walls covered with our veneer.

Balti Spoon is the market leader in the production of decorative veneers in Estonia, our production volumes and quality, however, place us among the best in the world. We boast good knowledge, continuously developing technology, and decades of experience.

Our partners are furniture companies, panel- and door manufactures, flooring producers, distributors and representatives of various fields. Our production is delivered to customers in more than 40 countries worldwide. We offer the highest quality and flexible solution in cooperation with Möhring Group in Poland and North American veneer factories.

Balti Spoon employs roughly 300 people, including many veneer production experts with extensive experience. Our team is international, we value a secure working environment and honest working relationships.

We are a responsible company, saving the environment as much as possible – chemicals are not used in production, we recycle all of our production waste and use all secondary products in the production process.

Our veneers are exported to the customers in Europe, Asia, North America, Arab countries and Australia. A small part of the production is also stays in Estonia

veneer sheets are very thin and crack easily; thus, in addition to job positions for specialists which require extensive training, there are also supportive jobs that require precision handiwork.

Our factory has been constantly expanding and developing since commencement of the production operations in 1998. Balti Spoon’s working environment is warm, full of light, and clean.

Möhring Group consists of the parent company Atlantic Veneer Company LLC (USA), Veneer Tech (USA) and the subsidiaries Lubelski Fornir Sp. z o.o. (Poland) and Baltrec GmbH (Germany).

Karl Heinz Möhring, a pioneer of the modern veneer business and owner of the Möhring Group, established Balti Spoon in 1993 in Kuusalu, Estonia, 40 kilometers east of the capital, Tallinn.

In 1947, Möhring started his veneer business in Hamburg, Germany, and then built the first veneer mill in Lemgo, the heart of German furniture manufacturing. During the next 56 years he established and managed companies in Germany, Canada, Liberia, Brazil, the USA, Estonia and Russia.

Today, the locations of the companies of Möhring Group enable to acquire the best raw materials and provide to the customers a wide selection of veneers from European and American species from one and the same partner.

To this day, Möhring Group remains a family undertaking which is managed by the descendants of Karl Heinz Möhring.


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