Karl Heinz Möhring, a pioneer of the modern veneer business and owner of the Möhring Group, established Balti Spoon in 1993 in Kuusalu, Estonia, 40 kilometers east of the capital, Tallinn.

In 1947, Möhring started his veneer business in Hamburg, Germany, and then built the first veneer mill in Lemgo, the heart of German furniture manufacturing. During the next 56 years he established and managed companies in Germany, Canada, Liberia, Brazil, the USA, Estonia and Russia.

In 1998, Balti Spoon began with one production building, producing sliced and rotary veneer. The company employed 50 people.

Today, Balti Spoon has expanded to five production buildings with state-of-the-art technology and is one of the world leaders in rotary, sliced and spliced Veneers. The company currently has 350 employees.